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1. Where is the Kremlin located?

The Kremlin is located in Russian capital Moscow in the city downtown. This question "Where is the Kremlin located?" is the most asked question to our guides. During our Moscow city tour you will receive the full answer and will be fully informed where is the Kremlin located, about its history and what interesting you can find closed to it.

2. Is it the same places - the Kremlin and Red Square?

No. The Red Square is closed to Kremlin, but it's not its part. It's just one architecture structure together with Lenin's tomb and Saint-Basil Cathedral. Kremlin and Red Square are the most touristic destination in the heart of Moscow, but its separate objects. Kremlin is a historical fortress and Red Square is the most famous square in Russia, using for all official military parades, demostrations and public events. Join our Moscow Kremlin and Red Square tour and find the difference!

3. The Kremlin of Moscow in Russia is the biggest or not?

Yes, the Kremlin of Moscow in Russia is the biggest fortress in the world. If you will open the Guinness Book you will read the following: "Kremlin of Moscow in Russia is the biggest medieval fortress built in XIV-XV centuries".

4. The State Kremlin Palace is a part of Moscow Kremlin or not?

Yes, the State Kremlin Palace is located inside the Kremlin walls and is the most beautiful building of Kremlin.The State Kremlin Palace with it's magnificent halls is using by Russian President Administration for all official events.

5. Does State Kremlin theater is a concert display with biggest stage in Moscow?

Yes, the stage of State Kremlin Theater is the biggest among the stages of concert halls and theaters in Russia. You can see the best performances on this stage ,depending from schedule. Our company can arrange the tickets to State Kremlin Theater for you during your tour in Russia. Historically it was built as a hall for Soviet Communist Party Leaders meetings.

6. Will you see some Kremlin palaces during your Kremlin tour?

Yes, you will see the most beautiful Kremlin palaces, some of them you will visit inside. You will be able to see the difference in architecture of each Kremlin Palaces during your tour.

7. Why is it called Red Square?

The answer is inside Russian language. Red in Russian is "krasniy", witch is very closed to another Russian word "krasiviy", that means "beautiful". So, Red Square is a Beautiful Square. Anothet legend of the name of Red Square explains, that the name was given, because the Red Square is made from the red stones. But it just a legend, because originally in the historical times it was not coverd by stones, it was done later. Join our Red Square tour and you will be informed about a lot off another legends from our guide and will receive the final answer why is it called Red Square.

8. Red Square in Moscow is a place for military parades on Victory Day or not?

Yes, Red Square in Moscow is a place for biggest military parade in Russia, taking place every year on a Victory Day at the May,9. During this parade on the Red Square in Moscow you will see the most modern military equipment of Russian Army and the great airshow from Russian Airforces at the end of the parade. To see the Military Parade in Red Square in Moscow and to learn more about the history of World War 2 - join our Veterans Tour!

9. Can I find another Red Square in Russia?

Yes and no. There are a lot of same named Red Squares in Russia due to the name history (see question 7). But the most beautiful Red Square is only in Moscow. Red Square in Russia is not just a name or square - it's a heart of Russia, of it's political and cultural life. Red Square in Russia is a symbol of Moscow and its downtown.

10. Is it possible to visit Moscow Armory in Kremlin?

Yes. During your tour you will visit Moscow Armory in Kremlin. Moscow Armory in Kremlin is a part of State Kremlin Palace. The great museum of Moscow Armory in Kremlin will show you the unique historical exibits of Russian arms, jewellery, great collection of gold and silver of Russian Tzars family.

11. What it is - GUM on Red Square?

GUM on Red Square is the biggest luxuary shopping mall. You can combine your Kremlin and Red Square tour with great shopping just in the heart of Russia in GUM on Red Square.

World famous brands and also Russian local gifts can be found inside this great shop.

In winter GUM on Red Square is a place for central public skating ring in Moscow.

12. Can I make photo pictures and video filming during Red Square tours in Russia?

Sure, yes. You can use your photo and video cameras during your Red Square tours in Russia. For additional fee you can make pictures in traditional Russian clothes or with the twins of famous Russian leader — Lenin, Stalin and Putin. Red Square tours in Russia is the great option to create a wonderful photo album of your pictures from Moscow heart!

13. Can I find a online translation from Red Square webcam?

Red Square is interesting to see place 24 hours a day. You can feel the atmosphere of Russian heart in different day time via Red Square webcam translation.

Red Square webcam online translation can be find here ».