Zero-G Flight in Russia! Zero Gravity Experience! Weightlessness Flight near Moscow! Zero – G flight in MAKS 2021!

Zero Gravity is going on! Be as the Batman!
Zero - Gravity! Group photo!
Get ready for the Zero - Gravity flight!
Zero-Gravity Flight Parabolic!
Photo of IL-76 MDK
zero-gravity flights in Moscow
With Certificates after the flight! Everyone is happy!

The company "Country of Space Tourism" - specialized in Space Adventures for ViP-clients and suggest to every russian and foreigner visitor of Moscow city wide range of tourism and special programs at the MAKS-2021 Zhukovsky.

If you wish to have Zero-G flight with tour click the itinerary.

The next flights of ZERO GRAVITY Flight are scheduled on

23, 24, 25 July 2021

at the MAKS-2021 air show

What is the weightlessness? It is a state of feeling completely without Gravity restrictions, feelings of flying and total freedom of movement.There are no restrictions for you to fly in the weightlessness! We offer you an Exclusive Experience, which only astronauts and cosmonauts can participate before. Do not confuse weight with mass!

The most popular Space Adventure is surely Zero Gravity Flight in IL-76MDK! In Europe and USA tourists used to fly on Airbus A300 and Boeing 727, but our IL-76MDK was constructed exactly for cosmonauts trainings duright Zero-G flight. Our aircraft IL-76MDK has the biggest saloon, which gives you an ability to fly in weightlessness in freedom.

Buy your Zero-Gravity flight which is a necessary part of the real cosmonaut (astronaut) training program. The Ilyushin 76 MDK is the largest aircraft in the World which was specially constructed for Zero-G flights.
To achieve a short-term micro-gravity, the aircraft flies in a parabolic pattern (Kepler curve). It climbs at a very steep angle of 45 degree under full power where you experience 2-G, then, suddenly, the pilot will cease thrust, and from that moment you will be in the weightlessness! Duration of the weightlessness is 25 seconds and can be recreated up to 15 times during one flight.

The Zero-G flight is absolutely safe! During the whole flight, you will be assisted by professional instructors, from the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. The Ilyushin 76 MDK has a large saloon which was carefully constructed to prevent any injury, therefore, allowing you full enjoyment of your weightlessness experience for approximately 25 seconds. During your Zero - Gravity flight, you’ll experience total weightlessness 10 times. If you are dreaming about going into space, the Zero G flight will give you the opportunity to prepare and trying suborbital and/or orbital flight yourself.

The Zero - Gravity flight could become a good present or an incentive prize for corporative clients, stockholders, top-managers. Also it can be a good way to organize your Corporative Team Building Day.

You can not compare this to the experience of flying anything you tried before. You have a great a chance to take this opportunity! Have a look at the video of Zero-G and book our Zero Gravity tour.

Attention! You must book a Zero Gravity Flight in advance, not less that 45 days before the flight.

If you want to have a Zero Gravity flight but you can not find friends to join you, therefore, we have the solution for you.
The whole amount of particiants must be no more than 15 persons. However, there is no limits for minimum amount of participants. You can take part in Zero-G flight also alone.

Our flight in Zero-G is becoming more more popular!

Price for 1 person for participating the flight - 5000 Euro! (without trip to Russia!)

Price for Zero-G Flight (for group up to 15 people) is - 59.000 Euro without trip to Russia!

Zero-G Flight price is included:

  • Permission for the entry to the Aviasalon MAKS-2021 and the Zukovsky Airbase;
  • Medical check;
  • Preparation to the Zero-G Flight in the airplane-lab IL-76MDK;
  • Flight in the airplane-lab IL-76MDK (10 weightlessness mode during parabolic arcs);
  • Personal Certificate;
  • Additional Options:
    - Professional Photo and Video

    If you decided to take part in Zero Gravity Flight in IL-76MDK in Moscow, then, follow steps:
    - Write a request to our email and put your contacts there, amount of participants and dates, that you prefer for the Zero-G Flight!
    - Decide for yourself, will you book only the Zero Gravity flight without tour or you will also take 3 day tour package.
    - Add in your letter the copy of your passport, it is necessary for us to book your place in saloon of IL-76MDK for the Zero-G Flight.

    Zero Gravity Flight Video:

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