To obtain visa support, the following information must be forwarded: An Application form on the letterhead of an organization indicating essential legal and payment elements, terms under which the tourist is staying in the hotel, additional services, and payment guarantee. We should also receive a readable copy of the passport. It will take not less than 24 hours (excluding week-ends and national holidays) to issue visa support papers from the time of 100% prepayment.

All other terms and conditions you can obtain by contacting us.

Adventure Trips and Traditional Travels.

The prices of all Adventures, Travels and Traditional Trips are indicated on our website.

There is a possibility of organizing trips for groups as well as individual tours – all other additional options are depended on your wishes.

For any questions you can contact us.

Included Services

The services for Clients are defined for each Tour, and indicated on the website. Services, not listed as ‘included services,’ are not included.

The price of a Tour does not include the following:

  • flight prices to and from Moscow;
  • excess baggage weight charges;
  • payment for any laundry services;
  • insurance.


After a Client has reserved his/her participation in a Tour or Travel trip they must then send us their personal information (passport data) and a copy of the "name" page of the passport. The first payment must also be made as well. The passport data and the copy of the passport must be sent us not later than 40 days prior to your arrival in Moscow for the Baikonur Launch Tour and for the all other Adventure Flights Trips.

After a Client has reserved his/her participation, we will keep them informed of any possible changes in the starting date of the Tour or Travel trip, and also about all the new Tour or Travel trips which we offer.

In case of traditional trip reservation points, you should contact us.

Payment Plan

All Trips
A Client should make a deposit payment, no less than 20% of the total Tour price, as soon as he/she has reserved it, providing there are no other terms in the description of the Tour. The balance of the total package should be paid not later than 30 days prior to departure.

To pay for Tour or Travel trip, we accept:

  • Credit Card (Master Card, Visa);
  • Bank Transfer;
  • International Cash Remittance (MoneyGram, Western Union);
  • American Express.

You can use the payment system by credit card on our website.

Travel / Trip Cancellation

We reserve the right to cancel a Tour or Travel trip before your departure for any reason, including strikes, wars, acts of God, or any other circumstances which can make the Tour or Travel trip inadvisable or dangerous.

If we are not able to reschedule the starting date of a Tour, for a later date, all payments will be refunded in full, and this expense will be the limit of the liability of our responsibilities. We accept no liability for any expenses on the part of the client incurred during the process of preparation for the Travel, including losses related to tickets returned to airline companies; purchase of special clothing; payments for visas and/or for the passport; and/or any other expenses related to the Tour or Travel trip.

If the Client cancels his/her reservation for the Tour or Travel trip:

  • More than 15 days prior to departure: 10% of gross fare;
  • Between 5 to 15 days: 25% of gross fare;
  • Between 3 to 5 days: 50% of gross fare;
  • Not more than 3 days: 100% of gross fare.

Health Notice

The Adventures Tours or Travel trips are designed for people in normal, good health, and those without any physical disabilities such as might put either the client's, or other clients’ health in danger. After having made the initial payment, a client certifies that he/she does not have any physical or other condition or disability that would create a hazard for him / herself or other participants. A client understands that he/she will have to sign a liability waiver before participating in certain Tours or Travel trips. A client also realizes that some Tours are only for people with normal, good health, and in case of the declining of his/her health for whatever reasons, he/she will not raise any claim related to any necessary full or partial cancellation of continuation of the chosen Tour. In order to participate in some Trips, a Client must be at least sixteen (16) of age, and his/her weight and height should be within certain parameters.


We respect our Сlients' privacy and keep all the data protected. The data remain in our database for an indefinite period of time. The clients’ data may be removed from the database on request after the data are no longer required for providing the service.