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Every population has its own reputation. It is said that Englishmen are quite cold and reserved, Spanish are very emotional, and so on. Russians are famous for their hospitality, "open heart" and "golden hands".

Apart from these character traits our country is well-known for specific traditional Russian crafts. If anyone hears the words Gzel, Khohloma, matreshkas and samovars it quickly brings up an association with Russia and they are regarded as national symbols and are world reknowned. Russia has given to the world names such as Puskin, Lermontov, Chaikovsky, Repin and other celebrated personalities.

Within more than 850 years and history full of events Moscow has become a large cosmopolitan city that should not be ignored by any traveler. If you have never been to Russia and would like to acquaint yourself with the cultural and historical heart of our country we invite you to have an enjoyable tour in Russia and travel to Moscow where you will aqquire a lot of interesting information of country treasures, wonderful architectural edifices and outstanding works of art, beautiful parks and of course get a glimpse of the mysterious Russian soul.

There is much to see during the time you travel to Moscow without which it would be almost impossible to have a full understanding of Russians and their capital city's culture. So we have set up this special travel in Russia.

You will be on the go during your seven day trip to Moscow and experience being in Russia's most cosmopolitan and modern city. You will have a great chance to spend your holidays in Russia and this charming city and have fun with our experienced guides who will put very effort to keep you from feeling bored but make your stay and your tour in Moscow most comfortable and full of positive feelings.

This tour in Moscow is intended for those who wish to know that the Kremlin is not the sole attraction in Moscow and there are a lot of other sights, galleries, museums and estates that enhance our capital and make it unique compared to other cities of the world. You will even have the chance, if you wish, to learn about the religious part of our life that used to play so important a role in Russians’ lives by visiting extraordinary monasteries that now attract so many tourists.

Have you not decided yet where to set off on your holidays, yet? Then, don’t miss this opportunity to have an amazing experience by heading off to travel in Russia. You should not only to enjoy your travel in Russia but also broaden your mind and enrich your soul!