Catherine Palace and Amber Room

Catherine Palace
Catherine Palace in Tsarskoe selo
Amber Room in Catherine Palace
Catherine Park in Tsarskoe selo
Catherine Park
Pushkin in Lyceum Tsarskoe Selo
Lyceum Tsarskoe Selo


Catherine Palace

Catherine Palace in Pushkin (former Tsarskoe Selo), which is located 25 km from Saint-Petersburg, is one of the most famous sights and attractions of St. Petersburg suburbs. This palace was set to Catherine the Great and later it was rebuilt and enlarged in the style of Russian baroque. In 1756 the new palace, which was over 300 m long, was reopened after reconstruction. It was one of several Romanovs` Resindences within St. Petersburg. After the revolution of 1917 the whole complex became a museum.

Amber Room

The most wellknown thing in the complex is the legendary Amber Room, which became possible to visit not long ago. It was a gift from Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm I to the Russian Tsar Peter the Great. In his times Amber Room was called as the "Eighth Wonder of the World". During the Second World War, the room was taken to Konigsberg by the Germans. The fate of the Amber Room remains unknown still. Since 2003 you can visit the exact reconstruction of the Amber Room in the Catherine Palace.

Catherine Park

Catherine Palace is located in the center of the huge Catherine's Park. Here you will see several pavilions from different epochs and have time to walk.

Lyceum Tsarskoe Selo

The Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum will be very interesting for connoisseurs of Russian literature. The high school was located in the Catherine Palace in the early 19th century, it was elite school for nobles, in which there were many famous figures including Alexander Pushkin. Therefore, the whole city got the name of Pushkin instead of Tsarskoe Selo in Soviet times.

Together with Peterhof, Catherine Palace is one of the TOP attractions in St. Petersburg.

The tour includes visiting to:

  • Catherine Palace
  • Amber Room
  • Catherine Park

The tour from St. Petersburg takes about hours 5 hours.

According to your request, we can extend the tour and personalized.

The price includes:

  • Tickets;
  • Guide / interpreter (English, Spanish, French or German);
  • Guide throughout the tour (from St. Petersburg);
  • Tour to the Catherine Palace and Amber Room, Catherine's Park;
  • Transport to the Catherine Palace (25 km from St. Petersburg) and back.

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