Russian battlefield tours FAQ

Kulikovo battlefield. Historical reconstruction.
Borodino battlefield

Which battlefields are the most famous in Russia?

One of the famous battlefields in Russia is Kulikovo. This field are famous because here was a battle which took place in XIV century when Russia was under the Tatar yoke. Our prince Dmitriy Donskoy with army won this battle and it was the first victory over Tatars for almost a century. Nowadays there is museum on this field and every year here takes place historical reconstructions of battle. Another one famous battlefield is Borodino field. This field is famous because of the victory over Napoleon which was on this field in the beginning of XIX century. Here also was opened museum dedicated to this battle and every year also organize different historical reconstructions.

Do you have any battlefields tours in Russia?

Yes of course we have battlefields tours in Russia. One of the most famous is tour on Kulikovo field here took place a battle with Tatars in XIV century. This tour includes visit of museum of battle, some tours include participation in different festivals. Tour on Borodino fields is famous in Russian touristic market too. This tour is dedicated to the battle with Napoleon in XIX century. Both of this tours is well-known on Russian market but nowadays on our touristic market appear a new battlefield tour which is very interesting and well-made is History Tour of 65 Anniversary of The Second World War. This tour gives you all important and interesting information about Second World War and you can have a unique opportunity to get in touch with veterans of this War.

What the difference between Russian battlefields tours and British battlefields tours?

The main difference between Russian battlefield tours and British battlefield tours is the country of organization of this tours of course. But if talking about considerable distinctions first off all is the quantity of participants. In Russia battlefield tours only starts to become popular, while British battlefield tours are popular for a long time and involve a large quantity of visitors. And of course the level of organization such type of tours is high in Britain only because of more practice in this sphere. We are sure soon will appear Russian battlefield tour with high level of organization. Already it is possible to mention some new products in this sphere which has a high level of organization. For example a new battlefield tour in Russian touristic market is History Tour of 65 Anniversary of the Second World War.

Which battlefield heroes you can mentioned?

Russia has a great history and of course we have a huge amount of battlefield heroes. Such names as Dmitriy Donskoy, Alexander Nevsky, Michael Kutuzov, Alexander Suvorov and Georgy Zhukov are well-known not only in Russia but in the whole world. But nowadays between us live heroes of the last and most bloody war ever, this is battlefield heroes of Second World War, our veterans. You have a unique opportunity to hear their stories and have a conversation with them in our new tour History Tour of 65 Anniversary of the Second World War.

Do you have any civil war battlefield tours?

Actually there is not special tour dedicated to civil war battlefield in Russia. Russian civil war was in 1917-1922 when Russian Empire was destroyed and Bolsheviks got the power. Despite that some tours and excursions include visiting of some places which played important role in Russian civil war. If you want to know where you can find civil war battlefield tours the answer will be USA. USA has a lot of tours dedicated to American Civil War 1861-1865.

Do you have any First World War battlefield tours?

Nowadays only Poland have ww1 battlefield tours. This project was started in Poland only in 2009 and at once became a popular. Poland's government wants to remind with help of ww1 battlefield tour about this awful time in humans history. There are not ww1 battlefield tours in Russia but may be in near future Russian touristic companies pay attention on this theme. Anyway there are some excursions and tours which includes stories about places or persons concerning to ww1.

Do you have any Second World War battlefield tours?

Yes we have ww2 battlefield tours in Russia. Our company create a new ww2 battlefield tour named History tour of 65 Anniversary of Second World War. This tour gives you unique opportunity to participate in Parade on Red Square, to have a conversation with veterans and ask them what you want to know about ww2. Besides that, tourists will visit "heroes cities" like Moscow, Saint-Petersburg ( Leningrad) and Volgograd (Stalingrad) where they learn more about ww2 and see museums and monuments dedicated to this terrible war.

Do you have any battlefield lyrics in Russia, some poems about great battlefield?

Yes we have battlefield lyrics in Russia. For example one of the famous battlefields lyrics "Borodino" was written by great Russian writer Mikhail Lermontov. "Borodino" is about great Russian bloody battle with Napoleon, this battle brought hope of victory. This poem was translated in English, French, German and Italian languages you can find it and to plunge into XIX, into one of the most significant battle for Russia. Also well-known another battlefield lyrics - poem "Vasiliy Terkin". This poem describes life of one soldier during Second World War. This lyrics became a great support for Russian people in the days of war.