Russian Banya

Russian Banya or Sauna is a real bath-house, which is situated near the private cottages in Russian Federation. Some years ago there were a lot of public banyas, but today there is not much of them, where you can have rest and wash.

Banya was played a great role in Russian history – all Russian emperors prefer to go to banya. Peter the Great, as you know, built a big banya even in Paris! And the citizens of this French city were really shocked, when a lot of Russian people running out of banya and run to the river.

Banya was built in the banks of the rivers. That’s why after the water-procedure everyone has a great opportunity to swim in the river. Today this great tradition, unfortunately, lost. But modern banyas are also very interesting and useful. If you visit Russian Federation, please, don’t lost an opportunity to visit Russian banya, which has a great relaxing effect. You can have a rest after the water-procedure with a cup of hot milk or Russian herbal tea.