Individual tour to the Star city | Set of trainings on space conditions' simulators, including the flight in Zero-Gravity conditions.

Mr. Regis S.
feb 2020

We have been organising our trip to Russia long in advance. The whole of our tour was dedicated to the aero- and space adventures in Russia. This came to be a magnificent trip for us - lovers of space exploration.

It was our old dream to visit the world famous Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre and to go through some training programs for cosmonauts, such as flight in Zero-G conditions on the massive Russian aircraft IL-76. On the date scheduled for this trip we were taken on a comfortable car to the Star city, where we went through the passport сheck-point and found ourselves inside the top-level security area of the Star city.

First of all, we went through quick procedures of medical commission. Which was followed by the tour around the massive facilities of the Cosmonaut Training Centre. The excursion was concluded in the edifice with the centrifuge inside, where our first training was to take place. Our program included the 4-minutes duration rotation for each person. We got nervous when we first saw massive centrifuge. Nevertheless, as soon as were strapped inside and the rotation commenced, the fear was gone and replaced by unusual feelings caused by the G-force. This was the immitation of the launch of the rocket with the overload force of 4-G units. The doctors were constantly controlling our condition with the help of multiple sensors attached to our bodies before the initiation of the rotation.

Following this we passed to another building and tried on the space suits, which are used during the take-off and the landing procedures. Professional photographer made excellent photos of us wearing real space suits. This was great as we were left with fascinating pictures to remember the day.

As for the conclusion, we had a a training on the replica of the spaceship "Soyuz" - the one which is being used by the cosmonauts and astronauts to travel to space. This simulator is intended for training and examination of the cosmonuats. I had five attempts to dock "Soyuz" to the International Space Staion, but unfortunately I was not successful, because it wasn't easy at all...

In the duration of the next two days I had a planned flight in Zero-Gravity conditions with the group of tourists, who came from different parts of Europe. This activity was not an easy test for my body. After the flight was finished I got a better picture of the hardships the conquerors of space have to endure through many years of training and a half-year missions on the space station. I recommend everybody to go through these training procedures.