BiG FAQ about Cold War

Who won the Cold War?

Actually, there is no any right answer on this question. Some people consider that if USSR had been broken up it means that USA won a Cold War. But it is a very difficult question USSR was broken up because of Cold War or there were other reasons for that. Some experts try to assure everybody that it is obvious that Cold War won USSR because USSR had compelled USA to make a compromise, when USSR had established the rockets on Cuba. Anyway we cannot say exactly who won the Cold War.

What caused the Cold War?

Of course there are a lot of causes of the Cold War. We just note the most important. The main reason was different absolutely different ideologies of USSR and USA. The deep contradiction between socialist and capitalist system was a reason of Cold War first of all. Two superstates which were winners of Second World War tried to change the whole World according to their own ideology. Absolutely clearly that it became a reason of armament race because each country wanted to protect sphere of its influence and had tried to win new regions of influence. USSR and USA had formed their own military blocks and despite that this two countries had never been involved in war but their contradiction was the reason of many armed conflicts.

The Cold War had the apogee when the world had been faced with the possibility of Third World War. It was in 1962 during Caribbean crisis, when USSR had installed rockets in Cuba in danger affinity from USA. After that both countries realized the danger of situation and began the peace talks.

What are the reasons why the Cold War started?

There are a lot of reasons why the Cold War started. After Second World War actually there were only two countries which had a great influence in the world: USSR and USA. Of course they both realized that it's a perfect time to become a first and to subordinate countries. USSR had declared expansion of spheres of the influence and USA reaction was immediate, they published new doctrine of socialism restraint. In reality USSR had the aim to expand the borders and USA in reality wanted not to restraint socialism but rejected it. It was the start of Cold War what in the end had put the world before the danger of Third World War. Fortunately, the governments of both countries in the end realized that this situation could lead to absolutely disappearance of human civilization.

What countries were involved in the Cold War?

Actually the Cold War began with the opposition of USA and USSR but this conflict was so big and important that in the end the whole world was involved in the Cold War. Actually confrontation sides is divided into two confronting camps. First is capitalistic camp and another is socialistic. The first one in fact was represented by military block NATO, in this block were involved following countries: USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Norway, Italy and Portugal. The socialistic camp was represented by Warsaw Pact, the members of this Pact was following countries: USSR, Albania, East Germany(GDR), Poland, Romania and Czechoslovakia. But in fact despite these countries each country in the world was involved in the Cold War.

When did the Cold War end?

The end of the Cold War hasn't any particular date. The ending was a long process. First precondition had arisen when USSR and USA had started negotiating after Caribbean crisis in 1962. But later in 80th when USSR had started a war in Afghanistan there was another rise of the Cold War. The official end of the Cold War is the broke up of USSR. Only with the death of one superstates it became a possible to speak about the end of the Cold War.

Who was involved in the Cold War?

Besides USSR and USA in the Cold War were involved practically the whole world. When two superstates have a confrontation it is impossible not to be involved. Actually all countries of this period can be devoted into two camps. First camp was represented by military-block NATO or capitalistic countries such as USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Norway, Italy and Portugal. Second camp was represented by Warsaw pact what was a military-block too. This camp was formed by socialistic countries such as: USSR, Albania, East Germany(GDR), Poland, Romania and Czechoslovakia.

How long did the cold war last?

The Cold War lasted since 1946 till 1991. And it is possible to allocate different periods in the Cold War. First period is the begin of war, this period occupied the time from 1946 till 1953 and ended with the death of Stalin who was a Russian leader. Second period is 1953-1962 years. This period is called Khruschev's thaw and this period was ended when a threat of Caribbean crisis appeared. 1962-1979 was a period of peak of the Cold War, and in the end of the period was detente which gave a hope that it would be the end. But 1979 became a new period of the Cold War, or like it was named the Second Cold War, when USSR started a war in Afghanistan. This period was ended in 1985 when Mikhail Gorbachev became the first President of USSR. The last period since 1985 till 1991 was characterized by slow death of USSR what in the end had led to the broke up of USSR. In total the Cold War lasted 45 years.

What was the cold war?

The Cold War is world confrontation between two politiko-military blocks with the head of USSR and USA. This confrontation didn't bring a war but was a reason of many different armed conflicts in the world. The term the Cold War appeared in 1945-1947 in journalism after the famous speech of Winston Churchill in 1946 when Churchill declared that the Cold War had begun.

Who was responsible for the Cold War?

Frankly speaking, this question is very difficult and hasn't right answer. Both sides of this conflict were responsible. USSR and USA had a desire to become the most powerful superstate in the world, this desire was a reason of many bloody conflicts and actually put the world in the situation when the Third World War became a possible future. In this case we can say that USA and USSR equally were responsible for the Cold War.

When did the Cold War start?

The Cold War started after the end of the Second World War in 1946. After World War the political map of our world had changed considerably. Actually the countries-winners had divided all the won territory and factually appeared two camps. First was a socialistic camp and second was a capitalistic camp. And between this two camp had begun a struggle for a world domination.

Did the United States win the Cold War?

It's not possible to say that United States won the Cold War, but some experts consider that United States won the cold War, because in the end of this war USSR was broken up. Actually, it is a open question was the Cold War the reason of "death" of USSR or wasn't. Anyway, the official version is that there is not winner in the Cold War.

What year did the Cold War end?

The official data of the end of the Cold War is 1991 when USSR was broken up. The process of destroying USSR was begun when Mikhail Gorbachev became the first president of USSR. Gorbachev declared the beginning of "perestroyka" (reorganization) it meant that USSR wanted to change this system with the help of social and economic transformation and the main aim was the creation of new humane socialism.

Why was the cold war important?

The Cold War was very important for developing of arms and for occurrence of new military technologies. Really, the Cold War helped to make a great "jump" in technical development. Actually, the majority of new technologies originally from this period of history. Race of arms had led to improbable rise of sciences and development of technologies. Nowadays exists a lot of museums where you can see a military technics of this period and estimate it by yourself.

Was Stalin responsible for the cold war?

Stalin was a USSR leader when the Cold War was begun but it is wrong to consider that he was a responsible for this war. And USA, and USSR provoked this situation at the same time, of course some persons had more influence on the situation in the world, but except their personal decisions,the Cold War had been generated and developed by political situation, division of the world into two camps after Second World war and many other factors.

What cause the cold war to happen?

The main cause of the Cold War was a different political systems of two superstates. After Second World War, was appeared two camps. First camp was a socialistic camp with the USSR in the head. Second camp was a capitalistic camp with the USA in the head. This two great countries started their struggle for world domination and their struggle had put the world before the Third World War. And only intensive negotiation helped to prevent "apocalypse".