Trips in St. Petersburg

Do you belong to those considering that Europe is the sole place able to leave unforgettable impressions on its visitors? We will change stereotype beliefs. Just Go to Russia and confirm for yourself that of existence of really wonderful city – Saint Petersburg. You will see its imperial elegance and tremendous architecture architecture, gorgeous palaces and world-known sights and monuments preserving history, movable bridges and marvelous canals.

It acquired several names. People call it North Capital of Russia, city upon the river Neva, North Amsterdam, North Venice.

It is quite difficult to explore all the city's attractions within one day. That is why our travel agency "Country of Tourism" decided to offer our customers tour to Saint Petersburg with duration of 7 days. Touring you can, without hurry, look and explore all the major sights. You can have an enjoyable walk along the streets, which were highly appreciated by Russian poets and writers, and fully admire your stay in this one and only, wonderful Russian city. This trip of St. Petersburg is intended for both culture seekers and travelers wanting simply to have an enjoyable time in a picturesque place.

When one travels to Saint Petersburg everyone is touched, somehow, however little. It is associated with the name of Russian emperor Peter the Great, with Pushkin and great composers such as Glinka and Tchaikovsky. It has the highest number of canals and bridges in Russia of which more than 35 of them belonging to the world heritage of UNESCO. Experience the mysterious "White nights" that can be seen between May and June when it is not even dark at midnight, bringing an atmosphere of fairy-tales.

Saint Petersburg is multifaceted. It is like a versatile actor who appears before an audience. It is, first, like the capital of emperors, and then, changes its mask and seems plainer by opening a door to the life of average people.

If you have not experienced being in one of the most delightful cities of Russia, then prove to yourself that there are a lot of amazing places in our wonderful world by having your tour to Saint Petersburg which is bound to impress you.

Welcome to Saint Petersburg!