What you can wear in Russian Federation?

Russian Federation is very big country with very different climate and that’s why you should know in which part of the country you’ll stay.

Common recommendations:

Warm season

You should take light clothes: jeans, T-shirts, sneakers. But you must remember, that there can be sometimes cold in evenings and in mornings.

Cold season

If you visit Russian Federation in early spring, in autumn or in winter, you should take a lot of warm clothes. Sometimes the temperature can be lower than forty degrees and that’s why you should have clothes to wear in this situation. Please, remember, that in some churches and monasteries you can’t go in short skirts and shorts.

If you want to travel to the northwestern part of Russian Federation, we recommend you to take warm clothes – light hats, sweaters and water and wind proof jackets. The weather in this part of Russian federation can be rainy, cool and windy.