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Today Russian Federation (Russia) is the world's biggest country, the territory of which is about seventeen million seventy five thousand and two hundred sq. kilometers. Russian Federation occupies a lot of territories in the Eastern part of Europe and Nothern part of Asia. There are a lot of natural resources here: coal, oil, natural gas, timber, diamonds and a lot of important minerals. About forty percent of Russian Federation territory is covered by great forests. The largest forests are in the European territories of Russian Federation and in the Siberia. Among the trees, which grow in Russian Federation, there are pine trees, fir trees, larches, cedars and a lot of others.

There are about one hundred and twenty thousand rivers in Russian Federation. The average length of each river is about ten kilometers, but there are some rivers, which wind for much longer. The main rivers in Russian Federation as of today are the Volga, Neva, Don, Kuban and a lot of others.The Volga river flows into the Caspian sea and the length of it is about three thousand five hundred and thirty kilometers. This river is the longest one in Europe.

Russian Federation has a lot of lakes with fresh and clean water; today there are about two million. The largest and deepest lakes in the country are Onego and Ladoga and also the Lake Baikal. By the way, Onego is the biggest lake in Europe.

The capital of Russian Federation is Moscow. The population of this great city consists of about eleven million locals and about five million foreign people, who work, travel and vacation in this city constantly or only for a few days. There are also big cities in Russian Federation besides MoscowSaint Petersburg with the population about five million people and Novosibirsk with the population of one and a half million people.

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