Hydro-Space training

Hydro Space training
Star City Hydrolab

Have you ever dreamed of real Space walk? Are you ready for an important mission in outer space? Do you want to check and see if you are strong enough to be a cosmonaut? There is only one place on the earth where you can do it without actually flying into space. This place is the unique Hydro-Space laboratory in the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center.

We offer you the chance to spend one day at being a cosmonaut. To start with, you will be encased in special Orlan DMA Space Suit, which is used by cosmonauts to work in space, outside the space craft and space station. It weights approximately 125 kg on the earth. It is the first liquid-cooled space suit in the world. Then you will be placed deep into the Hydrolab basin, where large models of the International Space Station modules are. Your space mission will be to leave the so called "MockUps" of the ISS and, using security-hook attached to a steel cable install a space antenna.

You can experience the feeling of flowing in free space, in fact, into weightlessness! The instructors will help you to adjust the lift and the drift balance. Also they will guarantee your safety.

Space underwater training is the most complex and most difficult maneuver, so it is a challenge even for so-called "real" men. Why not present this tour to yourself or even to your best friend. Book it now and take look at the video from the world-reknowned free space simulator (Hydro-Space Training).

Notice! HydroLab under resumes training in 2021!

Hydro-Space training Video:

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