Russian climate

Russian Federation is a very big country, that’s why the climate differs: there is an cold arctic climate in the north Siberia and there is a sub-tropical hot climate near the Black Sea. The biggest part of Russia is situated in the north and there is a little amount of places, where Russian people can enjoy sun.

The northern part of Russian Federation has a moderate continental climate, which is the best for people live. This type of climate is formed by the western wind rose, which very often brings the cyclones and also there is a warm weather. Also in one of the Russian Federation’s region there is Gulf Stream influence, which is formed the russian climate of the Murmansk region. But the influence of the global warming is also can feel in Russian Federation – winters became warmer, there is less snow.

But in Russian Federation there is a part with continental climate – it’s a central part of the country. In the Siberia and Ural Mountains area there is a continental climate, there are relatively warm summers and very cold winters. The lowest temperature was fixed in the level of seventy one degrees below zero in nineteen twenty six in Republic of Yakutia – in the north part of Russian Federation

In the Sochi city and some other towns in the south of Russian Federation, there is a sub-tropical climate.

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