Why we think that 2015 is best time to make Adventure in Russia - especially in MiG-29 to Stratosphere?

In 2015 our company “Country of Tourism LTD” continues to sell tourists of different countries Unique Adventures - flights in fighter jet MiG-29 to Stratosphere.
We have done this Adventure program on base of airbase “Sokol” in Nizhniy Novgorod (400 km from Moscow) in 2006. During this time has got flights to Stratosphere more than 220 tourists from all other the World! Mostly our tourists are from next countries: USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Italy, Great Britain and others.
We think that now is best time to visit Russia and make flight in MiG-29! Why we think so?
- First of all, rubble now very low, it is lost positions to euro and dollar more than for 80%. It allows you to reduce expenses during your trip to Russia and buy more souvenirs and present for you and your relatives!
- Secondly, with falling of rubble to main currencies your tour to Russia will cost you much lower, when before!
It’s very good News!!
This factor is very important for tourists, that’s why we are waiting for our dear guests and friends from all other the world to visit Russia! And from our side, we will do best of the best to make your journey to Russia pleasant and interesting, and give you best service and best prices!
We would like to pay attention, that now in other countries you often could hear that Russia have got war with Ukraine! That, it is not good time for visit Russia, here is crisis and people are not glad for tourists and so on…
THIS IS NOT TRUTH! Its fake panic generated by these countries! Its only political propaganda!
In Russia everything is calm, everybody happy to meet here new guests and tourists! Do you know that in Olympic Games in Sochi people was surprised how Russian people are host and helpful? All news told about this! And nothing have changed.
Vice versa, people who understand this opportunity, actively coming to Russia now and understand that them could have same good service, for less money! Join to these active tourists!
Now lots of tourists are walking on the streets of Moscow!
That’s why we decided to write you these News and invite you to our country! We are guarantee you best service, price and your safety!
You could read more about our flight programs in MiG-29 in our website http://www.flymigsokol.com/prices_flight_mig29 .
Also, what to tell, that proceed of permission for your flight in MiG-29 takes 65 days. That’s why booking your adventure in advance for spring and summer 2015!
Questions about our professionalism, reliability, financial guarantees and high service you could ask of our tourists, who have make their flight in MiG-29 yet. They kindly left their impressions in our website with contacts. You could contact with them and ask about their impression!
We are waiting for you, our dear guests!