Flight in MiG-29 to Stratosphere of participant TV program from Saudi Arabia!

Tourist from Saudi Arabia during filming a TV program in MiG-29
Tourist from Saudi Arabia with pilot
Tourist from Saudi Arabia near MiG-29

On 26th of February at airbase Sokol have got flight in MiG-29 tourist from Saudi Arabia. About this flight was done TV program “Laish La” on popular channel in Saudi Arabia MBC1! They make a scenario of flight and preparation for the flight in MiG-29! Everything has been great! Tourist (participant of TV program) and TV crew have got great photo and video, which them will use in their TV Program, and surely great emotions which will never forget!
We invite you to make a unique flight in MiG-29 as part of any promotion and TV show which you want to organize! You will receive really unique and interesting program which will attract interested audience.