CNN about flights in MiG-29

Do you want to carry out long-held childhood dream and fly aboard the legendary MiG-29, which was developed in the early 1970's, then you came to the right address!

From May to October 2014 our company arranged more than 30 flights in MiG-29 for tourists from different countries all over the world.

One of the lucky who tested himself as a co-pilot in combat fighters - the highest achievement of technology and progress that exist today became Stefano Cerini, a young businessman from Italy, who is passionate about extreme sports.

"Why in Russia" - this question was asked of the Interviewer from CNN, which has covered this event by publishing the interview on their portal:

The flights in MiG-29 are so unique because are held only in Russia (Nizhny Novgorod Sokol airbase)and nowhere else!

During the interview, the lucky one, shared his impressions after his flight in the stratosphere and described his emotions reach about 9G which he tried!!!

They did not leave without attention such an actual question as relations between two countries: Russia and Ukraine.
So many men, so many opinions...our Italian guest do not hesitate expressed his position regarding the political situation in the world.

We just want to add from ourselves, that complex political relations have never prevented for tourism development. The right example of that is the activation of the flights in MiG-29 in the summer-autumn period.

We are very pleased that such a high-tech fighter in his time was found peaceful use and flights in MiG-29 for a long time will realize the dreams of those who so seeks.

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