First tourist from Lebanon make L-39 Flight in Russia

Tourist from Lebanon during L-39 Flight
L-39 jet fighter before Flight
photo in cockpit during Aerobatics in L-39
Tourist from Lebanon in cockpit of L-39 before flight
L-39 ready to fly with tourist from Lebanon

It's very hard to figure out where to start describing my inner feeling.

I wished to fly since my childhood commercial civil airplanes and military jet fighters. I knew very well that flying jet fighters is very hard and agressive due to some technical and environmental matters but I insisted to do it with no hesitation. When i come to Russia, i decided to make L-39 Flight at first, but i also wish to Fly in MiG-29! It was unforgettable experience and extreme adventure.
Special thanks for all pilots and staffs here, and in Lebanon ,for their usual help and support especially for my instructor and brother captain Lawrence who teach me aviation ground school from A to Z .
Special thanks for my friend Alex in Russia who did all reservations and communications in addition to his presence beside me during my trip and specialy for "Space Tourism" and Victoria who organize for me L-39 flight, and help me in last minute booking.
Special thanks for my company TNT Express in Lebanon including all managers and employees who usually provide me emotional and monetary support to accomplish my dream in addition to many other cases from the beginning till the end.
For sure, I cannot forget Russia and Russian people for their coordination and support during my visit and I hope I can visit Moscow many times in the future to accomplish and finalise my aviation study . I will surely make L-39 flight again, and my dream is to make MiG-29 Flight one day! This is really unique !
Best regards,