Amazing Flight of Indian tourist to Edge of Space in MiG-29 with big tour in Russia

Indian tourist with our manager near MiG-29 before flight to Stratosphere
Indian tourist in cockpit of MiG-29
Happy Indian after flight in MiG-29 to Edge of Space
MiG-29  getting ready to fly

Since my childhood I was fascinated by fighter jets and fighter pilots. I always wanted to be a fighter pilot but due to circumstances I could not be one. But the dream of that was always with me and Space tourism Ltd. And its team has given me that opportunity of lifetime which was otherwise impossible for me to get.
I used to be searching on google endlessly for pictures of fighter jets and cockpit videos on youtube and one fine morning I just came across the website of "Space Tourism Ltd.". That day was one of best days of my life when I saw my dream achievable, a ray of hope. Initially I was bit worried if it really works or not but when I talked all of my doubts were cleared… special Thanks to Ms. Victoria for answering all my questions and doubts including the silly ones.
Then after clearing all the pre-requisites and payments I was all set to go to Russia…Great country with great people of big hearts… On my arrival to Nizhniy I was welcomed and received by Tanya who was my guide..She helped me a lot to understand the Russian mind and culture..Language was never the problem as all the guides provided were very professional…
Then Finally the day arrived when I was all set to realize my dream… Ilya a very decent and professional guy came to my hotel to take me to the great Mikoyan factory and "Sokol" airbase, where I was joined by team of cameramen and translator Irina. The team was very joyful and I felt like I was going with family. On my arrival to "Sokol", Irina and "Sokol" Airbase senior engineer showed me the great factory museum… it was a wonderful heart touching experience when the history of factory was revealed since the times of world war 2. Here I was also offered to buy great limited edition book on aircrafts, which has now become jewel of my personal library..
After the museum tour I was taken to meet the great test pilot of Mikoyan Mr. Polyakov Yuri…The meeting was wonderful, Mr.Polyakov Yuri explained me all the facts of about flight and Mig-29 Aircraft. I would say Mr. Yuri is “THE MAN”.. Then with help of very nice Mikoyan staff I put on my G-Suit and Personalized Flight suit (Thanks for giving me opportunity to buy the flight suit). And yes after that I flew in Mig-29 up to Edge of Space with almost twice the speed of sound!!!!! Performed Aerobatics and combat Maneuvers… Mr. Polyakov Yuri was very very careful and was constantly monitoring my health situations during the aerobatics which cause tremendous amount of G-Forces. And that day was “THE DAY” of my life!!! My dream of 25 Years came to reality!!!!
Thanks to Mr. Polyakov Yuri and of cource Ms. Victoria and all the team!!!
Now it was time of celebrations…I had also taken excursion package from "Space Tourism Ltd". As I wanted to see the Russia and Russian culture..I must say they organized my trip very professionally! I never faced any kind of problem during my trips to wonderful city of Moscow and of cource St. Petersburg… In Moscow it was 2 day excursion and my guide was Nadezhda (short name Nadiya)…she was a very wonderful and knowledgeable lady who showed me Moscow , the art galleries, metro and many more things which really enlightened me about life of great city of Moscow…Thanks to her for her patience, knowledge and honesty to her work.. In Moscow I also saw a must see "Kostroma Dance Show", very very beautiful show performed by great dancers, Thanks again to Ms. Victoria for arranging the tickets for me and also accompanying me to explain every aspect of the drama and dances shown.
After my excursions in Moscow, I left Moscow heavy heartedly to another great city of St. Petersburg..On my arrival to St. Petersburg I was welcomed by a very professional and experienced guide Natalia. Natalia has been working for 15 years in the field of translation and guided tours.. so it was very very informative as well as detailed excursion. I was really enlightened with great history of Tsars and queens of Russia.. This excursion really gave me insights of Russian history and culture…I stayed in St. Petersburg for 4 days and it was a wonderful trip.. then on last day I was taken by a driver to airport..And I left Russia with great memories, lot of information, important knowledge, full of emotions and bit of tears…reminds me the great song “From Russia with love….”

Many Many Thanks to Mr. Polyakov Yuri, Victoria, Tanya, Ilya, Irine, "Sokol" Airbase Staff, Cameramen, Flight crew, Staff of "Space Tourism Ltd", Nadezhda, Natalia, All the drivers and all the helpers and finally to “MY LOVELY RUSSIA

Video of Indian tourist who make MiG-29 Flight!!