Slovak fan of Russian Jet Fighters and extreme make his amazing "Edge of Space Flight" in MiG-29

Tourist from Slovakia before Edge of Space Flight in MiG-29
Happy tourist from Slovakia in cockpit of MiG-29
Photo with pilot after exciting Edge of Space Flight in MiG-29
Edge of Space Flight in MiG-29

I am the man who looking for new adventures and challenges , and one of these challenges was Edge of Space Flight in Mig 29 which is possible only in airbase "Sokol" in Nizhny Novgorod .
I chose this challenge only one week before my wedding like Bachelorette Party (my fiancee wanted to kill me when I told her that I will go to Nizhny to fly on Mig 29 :-) )
So our adventure begun when I and my 3 best friends came at night to Nizhny Novgorod airport , where manager Ilya waiting for us . Ilya was our guide during the stay , and I must tell that he was best guide what I ever got . It was pleasure to be guided by Ilya.
Next day when I came on air base "Sokol" , I for first time met with my pilot Yuriy Polyakov who explained what he will do during the flight with me. I never saw anyone so calm and profesional like Yuriy Polyakov .
When I was prepared for flight we moved to airfield where I for first time saw monumental MiG-29 , I was seated by airbase staff , who were also very profesional , and they double checked everything.
Now my lifetime adventure begun !
We ascended on 17.000 metres , where I could see "black" sky" . But the real fun begun when we descend on aerobatic altitude , and Yuriy begun make all most craziest aerobatics maneuvers what he knew !
This was for me challenge , stay up and fight with G-force !!!
Result : 3 times I had black out and 1 time I lost consciousness for 3-4 seconds , but it was Awesome , I could felt limits of my body .
When we landed Yuriy told me that we made 6-7G , what was really to much!!!
I am so happy that I did it!!! , before the flight I had fear , but there was no reason to have a fear ! I hope that in the future I could repeat it , maybe in more powerful Mig 31 :-) .
I want thanks to everybody from "Space Tourism" who's prepare this experience for me and especially to Yuriy, Ilya and Victoria!