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Space Simulator
Space Simulators
Simulator Centrifuge- CF7
Simulator Soyuz-TMA
Simulator Space suite "Sokol"
Simulator " Vykhod-2"
Simulator "Vikhod-2"

All space simulators are unequalled and you will never find anything like this anywhere, except at the GC TC in Star City. All the cosmonauts, who have been in Space on board the "Soyuz" space vehicles–both Russian and foreign, including the first space tourist, Dennis Tito – had the complex training course in just these very simulators.

TDK-7ST N1 and N2 simulators are used for cosmonauts’ training the skills of "Soyuz-TMA" control. You, too, will practice the control of "Soyuz-TM" at all stages of the flight in standard, non-standard and emergency situations.

The special space simulator "Don-732" is used to practice skills in manual-mode control of approach and docking the "Soyuz-TM" with the orbital station;

"Tele-operator" is a specialized simulator whose main task is to allow crews to train on manual control of the "Progress" cargo aircraft during approach, docking as well as "fly-around," docking to and undocking from the orbital station in remote-control mode, in case of emergency and non-standard situations;

During the training in "Soyuz-TMA" simulator you will be seated inside your special suit (Sokol pressure suit) in the pilot seat of Soyuz spaceship. Your task will be to dock with your space craft at the ISS not computer-faided, but only with hand and joystick control. Imagine how it is difficult to hold course if your speed is approx. 7,000 meter per second (28000 km per hour)!

"Vykhod-2" is the only space simulator in the world which simulates the cosmonaut’s work in outer space. You will learn how to use the special space suit "Orlan-DMA" which is equipped with its own life-support system. Also, you will practice the main skills of moving and maneuvering in outer space.

International Space Station (ISS) simulators give you opportunity to get into the Russian segment of ISS without flying to the space. You will see an actual interior of the modules and on-board equipment and hardware. This simulator is very important for those who plan to be space tourists because you must practice the skills on how to live in the ISS. And please believe it is not easy… even to do the simple things – to eat and to sleep!

We suggest you to book your tour and learn what a real cosmonaut should know!

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