We complete Zero Gravity Flight on 22nd of November 2017!

Flight in Zero Gravity
Zero Gravity is possible!
Enjoy Zero Gravity Flight

On November 22, 2017, our company successfully organized and conducted Zero-Gravity Flight. Tourists not only from Russia, but also from France, China and other countries-true lovers of cosmonautics and unusual adventures-came to visit our unique event.

Who among us in childhood did not look with admiration at the stars and did not dreamt one day to visit Space? That's for all our tourists who participated in the flight, the flight in Zero Gravity is not just an unusual adventure, but the fulfillment of the dream that they kept since childhood. Therefore, their joy and admiration of the participants in the flight was no limit!

During the flight, the participants were able to fully enjoy the Weightlessness, during the flight 10 Zero-Gravity modes were performed for 25-30 seconds each. Tourists flew through the entire cabin of a huge IL-76MDK, made flights from board to board, walk on the ceiling and tumbling in the air!

And although all of our participants in the flight visited Zero Gravity for the first time, they all felt themselves after the flight perfectly. The flight passed for all our tourists in one breath and they all said in unison that it was "not enough, we want more!"

We invite everyone who wants to experience weightlessness and who wants to feel like an astronaut for the first time, we invite you to another Zero Gravity Flight on 26-27 of April 2018!