December Tour to Baikonur for Launch of Spaceship is wonderful finish of 2017 year!

Our group on Baikonur
Cosmonauts going on reporting for chairman

In December, our tourists visited Cosmodrome Baikonur, farewell cosmonauts and witnessed the main event in the outgoing year - the launch of Soyuz spaceship!
December 17, 2017 from the cosmodrome Baikonur the launch of the Soyuz MS-07 rocket was successfully launched. On board the spaceship as part of the next 54 / 55th expedition to the ISS, was Anton Shkaplerov (commander), Scott Tingle and Norisige Kanai went to the ISS.

This time to see the start of the Soyuz rocket came not only fans of Russian cosmonautics, but also professional photographers. For them, our company, together with the famous "National Geographic" magazine, organized a separate "photo tour of Baikonur Cosmodrome".

The tour program was very interesting. Spent 5 days with tourists at the cosmodrome were very entertaining at events that impressed our tourists.

On December 16, our group of tourists was lucky to watch the flying International Space Station over the territory of the Cosmodrome Baikonur! The exact trajectory of the ISS flight and the time of flight of the station was calculated by one of our tourists! The space week spent on Baikonur, has charged our friendly company of tourists with the most unforgettable impressions!

The culmination of the entire trip to the Cosmodrom, no doubt, was the launch of the "Soyuz" spaceship! With a sinking heart all the participants counted the seconds remaining before the start. Successful launch of the tourists celebrated with loud applause and joy!

But on this our trip did not end, for all the tourists of our friendly company as a New Year's gift from our company was a one-day trip to one of the most famous cities of Kazakhstan - the city of Almaty!

All the lovers of space and cosmonautics we are happy to invite to the tour to Baikonur in 2018!

We are waiting for you on our next tour for Launch on 15th of March 2018!