Three pilots from famous aviation school came from Poland to have incredible MiG-29 flight in March 2014

Spring came! Sun is shining brightly and the sky is blue. And we are ready to perform unique possibility for our tourists to get unforgettable emotions and take a flight in modern Fighter MiG-29.
Our foreign visitors which had their flights in MiG- 29 Thomas D, Adrian B. and K. Wojciech are members of aviation school "Zelazny" in Poznan, Poland.
Each of them has many years’ experience in overseas operations such models as Extra 330, Cessna, Zlin Z-50L, etc.
Wojciech - known and experienced instructor, Polish champion in aerobatics, flight training school founder and passionate professional. He penetrates the unknown and leads his students to follow him, infecting them with love to the sky and aviation. He has flown more than 1,000 hours in the MiG -21. But MiG-29 was his sacramental dream till now. During his aerobatic program, he felt the power, performing maneuvers with congestion to 8,5 G.
Adrian B - one of the first students of Mr. K. Wojciech in the aviation school, shared his impressions and emotions from flying the MiG- 29 in the stratosphere for a few hours after landing!
The most intense "Suborbital Space Training" program into the stratosphere with simulated suborbital takeoff and aerobatic after reduction was taken by Thomas D. He was lucky to experience the space overload during vertical takeoff of the MiG- 29, to observe the curvature of the earth with a grand height of 20 km and feel the unique features of the MiG - 29.
All Programs for tourists were selected pilots considering individual wishes and preferences of each .
Variety of flight programs allowed to appreciate the possibilities of the legendary MiG-29.
Pilots of airbase "Sokol" (S.Kara , Yu.Polyakov and A.Pechenkin ) noticed the high degree of training of foreign colleagues .
Representatives of our company " Country of Tourism LTD." assisted our tourists during their flights, personally congratulated and presented exclusive souvenirs with company logo to commemorate this significant event . This marked the beginning of our friendship and further cooperation with the Polish Air Club.
We are welcome new adventure lovers and trevellers from all over the world!