Scale Model of MiG-29 Fighter Jet as a special Gift for our Tourists

MiG-29 Flights for tourists
MiG-29 Flights for tourists
Touristic flights in MiG-29

We are happy to announce great news! Spring had been already started and we decided to create one more Exciting Suprise for our flying customers! Now you are able to take a small part of Russian aviation industry with you to home.
Our company “Country of Tourism LTD” prepared the Unique Gift for those of you who will fly in MiG-29 Fighter Jet. Now every tourist preformed the climb to Stratosphere in MiG-29 gets a detailed replica of the Aircraft he has flown. This Scale Models were made specifically by our company under the private order and fully corresponds with the MiG-29 produced by “Sokol” Airbase.
You will get the MiG-29 Scale Model as a Gift together with the Flight Certificate right after the flight performance. The very Important Fact is that your Pilot will put his Signature on the wing of this replica for your memory.
This Adventure will stay in your memory Forever. And MiG-29 Scale Model will remind about your interesting and incredible Journey to Russia standing on your desk.

Purchase the exciting Flight in MiG-29 and receive Maximum memories for whole Life!