We opened new season 2014 for the MiG-29 flights for tourists at the "Sokol" airbase in Nizhniy Novgorod

Tourist, manager and technicians near the aircraft

We want to present you the photos from the latest “Edge of Space” and aerobatics flight. Besides the frosty weather (-22 degrees), bright sun accompanied the MiG-29 with our tourist aboard during its climb to Stratosphere and allowed our crew to enjoy the aerobatics in the clear sky from the ground.
Our tourist Alexander Nesterenko had experienced his unforgettable Flight to the altitude of 20 km. on January 28th, 2014. And also he left his honest impression for our potential customers.
It was really exciting to watch advanced maneuvers and realize that such unique adventure became available for regular tourist. Every single person can perform this incredible flight in Legendary Russian Jet Fighter.
Unbelievable that, not so much time ago we have totally closed country with a lot of restrictions and regulations. And of cause all military strategic objects such as “Sokol” airbase in Nizhniy Novgorod had TOP secret value and only employees were allowed to visit its territory. It was one of the main aircraft production facilities of USSR. Now it became the only place in the world where you can fly in MiG-29 fighter Jet.
“Country of Tourism LTD” as a leading touristic company created special offer for 2014. Now incredible MiG-29 rides could be purchased at discounted rate.