First Lebanon tourist realize his Dream - MiG-29 Flight! Aerobatics in MiG-29

Adolph Eid
Tourist from Lebanon near jet fighter MiG-29
Brave tourist from Lebanon near jet fighter MiG-29
in cockpit of MiG-29 before Flight
Happy tourist after MiG-29 Flight with Certificate

Dear Katerina,

Since I was a little boy (6 or 7 years old) I have been dreaming of being a fighter pilot. But unfortunately my small country has no jet fighters, therefore, I couldn't realize my childhood dream. At the age of 11 I watched TOP GUN movie, and since that time jet fighters became my obsession.
I dream of them everyday, I watch aerobatics videos on youtube almost everyday and I have been collecting all kinds of combat pilots accessories (flying suits, gloves, jackets, sunglasses...) for long time. Few months ago I was doing some researches on Facebook about jets, and I was chocked when I realized that I can fly the legendary Mig-29 with a super hero of Russia. I immediately contacted the “Space Tourism LTD” company and fortunately it was you who answered me and guided me all that time to reach my goal. Honestly, during the three last months I haven't been sleeping well and my behaviors changed. I was dreaming days and nights about the MiG-29 flight.

I knew that the fact of flying fighters is hard and aggressive due to "G" force, but I proceeded with no hesitations and that what I expected. Up there is very hard and aggressive but it seemed like heaven to me.

After the flight, life seems flat to me, and no fears anymore because I reached the edge.

I am a very happy man now and sad at the same time. Happy because finally I did it, I flew the Mig-29, and sad because I left "SOKOL" airbase which is the place where I belong...

Finally I would like to thank the Mother Russia, and the “Space Tourism LTD” company who made my dream comes true, and of course I would like to thank you as well because you were the coordinator and you followed me step by step to reach my goal.
I appreciate a lot what you did to me, and know that I am not exaggerating with my feelings because this the truth and the only truth.

I think we will meet one more time in Nizhniy Novgorod, because I think that I am not done yet with the jet fighters :-) .