Russian hunt with Borzois

Not long ago, if one was asked where was the best place to hunt, the answer without hesitation would have been "England!" Unfortunately, the traditional English hunt rules have been amended and the activity was banned in 2004, as far as killing the fox, was concerned as it was labeled by the government as cruel and barbaric!

But today, it is not necessary to wish for the old UK fox hunt… Russia gives you an excellent opportunity to do just that. We at "Country of Tourism" have set up these unique and exclusive types of hunting and offer you a chance to enjoy this recreation that was a favourite of Russian tsars and the English gentry.

Our experience has allowed us to revive this traditional hunting with hounds and Borzois for wolves and foxes in the best of Russian traditions. We would like to point out that this type of hunting in not offered anywhere-else in Russia or Europe. Want to try something exclusive? Then do not hesitate to try it with us and you will never go wrong.

Make an exclusive gift for business partners, top executives, CEOs or your friends and relatives or even yourself! Whatever you chose we will do everything possible to make your "horse-back Wolf or fox hunting with Borzois" a really incredible adventure.

The hunting is provided without weapons and it will take 3 days. You will see first-hand, the revived traditions of hunting from the period of the Russian emperor Nicolas II, a keen shot, and our great writer Leo Tolstoy.

The adventure will suit both experienced hunters (who are able to ride a horses) as well as beginners. Our professional team will help the amateurs during the hunt.
Wolf and fox hunts are carried out on the best Arabian and Alchatekin horses (the oldest middle Asian thoroughbred horse). Your assistants and guests will be able to watch the hunts inside the carriages.

Hunting with Borzois on horses for foxes or wolves is not only a thrilling and absolutely marvelous adventure, but also serious check of a hunter’s readiness. Although we have specially chosen hounds able to fight with and defeat these wolves, the strength of the dogs is also checked, as is your ability to control the horse and its reactions.

We will also provide you with accommodation in cozy wooden houses, eat traditional cuisine, enjoy a Russian bath prepared with honey and tea, ride thoroughbred horses, run with packs of hounds and enjoy many other interesting additional options.

Do not miss this chance to spend an unforgettable time and experience the rush of adrenaline on the best adventure ever.

To read more about hunting follow the link itinerary of the hunting with Borzois.

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