The first tourist flight on MIG-29 in the New 2013 year with the Country of Tourism LTD travel agency.

flight in MiG-29
near the engines of MiG-29
in a cockpit of MiG-29
flying experience in MiG-29
aviòn de caza MiG-29
preflight preparation in Sokol airbase

Our French tourist opened the flying on MIG-29 season today, on the 28th of January 2013.
All of our agency team congratulate him and all the future tourists with the continuation of the fighter jets flights on "Sokol" airbase, located in Nizhny Novgorod.
Olivier Tran has experienced an unforgettable flight to the stratosphere, reaching the altitude of 20 kilometers. Such advanced aerobatic maneuveres, as Flying Inverted, the Hammer head, the Roll, the Loop, a Low Level Pass have positively been perfomed by the tourist after the flight to stratosphere.
We can surely deduce from his words, that he felt amazingly perfoming aerobatics and even asked the pilot to do some more.
Undoubtedly, the weather is an important issue when it comes to the MIG-29 flights, but, despite the unpleasant weather conditions: snow and frost, everything was on top.
The extremely delighted and thankful tourist shook hands with the pilot and hugged him once on the ground.
The pilot confidently replied that now Olivier Tran and all of his friends can be proud of the courageous tourist and the real adventure lover.
Dear customers, we are happy to invite all of the adventure amateurs to get the genuine impressions and excitements from the flight on the MIG-29 fighter jet!