Brave Woman from South Africa Flies to the Stratosphere in Russian Winter!

Small womag - Huge engines!
Cold, but happy

Despite of the winter cold here in Russia, our Mig-29 Fighter Jets are still flying!
Our tourists are still enjoying the flights to the Stratosphere and to the Edge of Space, and our recent friend is a living example! Ms. Levy Nicole, a petite French lady from the Republic of South Africa took control of the skies on February 21st, when she flew to the Stratosphere and had the time of her life! Ms. Levy loves adventures and could not pass on the opportynity to fly the legendary Mig Fighter.

Her flight was just beautiful! The weather was great, the skies clear, and the spirit was up, seeing how her pilot expertly performed some of the most advanced aerobatics in the sky. She went up 20km, almost touching the stars, thus fulfilling the dream of almost any man!Our salute goes out to this brave, strong, beautiful woman, who wasn't spooked by the Russian cold, and could really enjoy herself on the flight of her life!