Flight in MiG-29 to the "Edge of Space" at sunset! New offer from our company!

 Flight in MiG-29 at sunset
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Flight in MiG-29 jet in "Edge of Space"!

Dear friends, fans of aviation, adrenaline and adventures!

Our company "Country of Tourism", specialized in organizing Aero and Space tours, together with "Sokol" airbase, offers new and unique adventure - a flight into the stratosphere in a modern fighter jet MiG-29 at sunset!
Before all Mig-29 flights for tourists were held at a daytime, but now everyone can fly Mig-29 fighter to the altitude of 20 km at sunset!The view, you will see from the cockpit, will be incredible! Black space, red sun, setting the horizon of the Earth, darkening in the fading light the surface of the planet... It`s really a unique view ... which were avaliable only to astronauts before.
The rest of the flight program will be identical to the day one. To see the details about flight programs and prices you can on this web page: www.flymigsokol.com/prices_flight_mig29
We have a great experience in organizing and the flights in MiG-29 for 6 years work and the quality of our service is the highest for our foreign VIP customers from all over the world.
Impressions of our tourists from different countries can be found here: www.bestrussiantour.com / impressions
Videos of the flights will impress you here on this page: www.bestrussiantour.com / video
Our multilingual Websites about Flights in MiG-29:
 www.bestrussiantour.com - The main site of the "Country of Tourism" in English, German, Spanish and Chinese. The most complete information about the company's services. Prices are in euros.
www.jetdiscovery.com - Website of the flights in MIG-29 for English-speaking customers in the area of ​​the USD - the prices are in USD.
www.vueloenmig.com - Website of the flights in MIG-29 for Spanish-speakingcountries, prices are in euros.
www.flymigsokol.com Website of the flights in MIG-29 for English-speaking customers!

Please, note that for foreigners it is necessary not less than 70 days to obtain the permission for MiG-29 flight, so if you want to fly in the summer or autumn of 2012, you should start the process of reservation of the flight already now!