The next European tourists flew in MiG-29 into the stratosphere to the altitude of 21 km!

Fly MiG-29 in Russia!
Tourists near MiG-29 Flighter
MiG-29 over the runway
Flights in MiG-29 for tourists

In spite of strong February frosts, our company "Country of Tourism" held two more demonstration flights in MiG-29 for the tourists from the Czech Republic on February 7, 2012.
The weather was great and even cold weather did not spoil the tourists` impressions! According to the flight program, tourists (each separately) first flew into the stratosphere and saw the Earth from the altitude of 21 km, and then after a descending performed a complex of aerobatic maneuvers ...
Each flight is individual and is agreed with the pilot flying with a tourist .. The main thing for us is to provide a tourist with best impressions from the flight!
Please note that flights are held all the year round and everyone has a unique opportunity to fly in a modern Russian fighter MiG-29! At the moment we are reserving flights for tourists in the spring, summer and autumn of 2012. It is always best to book these services in advance as the procedure of obtaining permossiom for the flight for foreign tourists takes 65 day.
The flight to the "Edge of Space" in MiG-29 is the world unique adventure and may be the best gift for your relatives, business partners or friends for the anniversary or any holiday!
We will provide excellent service!

"Fly with us!" - our new logo says  put on the MiG-29!