Russian trip and MiG-29 flight of the tourist from USA .

Jimmy Chia Tswen Shih

I would like to leave my impression of my Mig29 flight.
The reason I selected "Space Tourism Ltd." for my trip because they offer through their web site the most detailed information regarding what is involved with the program package. This was important for me to understand before I make my purchase. They answered all my questions and helped to choose the better program and explained the difference and advantages of each one. I chose Edge of Space program in MiG-29.

The flight in Mig-29 was as promised incredible. I am thrilled to have a chance to take a flight in a supersonic fighter with professional pilot. I felt extreme G-forces and watched the darkness of the sky.
It’s not the first fighter flight in my life, but first flight in MiG-29. I had a chance test and compare MiG-29 and MiG-15 which I tested before. I was impressed of MiG-29 force.
I tried myself in Su-27 simulator 2 days before the real flight in Moscow. It’s good experience for those who wish to have fighter flight but the real flight is million time more impressive!!!

My impression is that the team (coordinators, pilots, tour guides) has already many experiences
with such flights so the process goes smoothly. Everything was according to the program and schedule.

As for my tour I can tell that sightseeing tours in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod were interesting and fun. The tour guides explains the history behind many buildings and locations. I was surprised that every street, square and building connected with many historic events or famous people. I visited Red Square, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Novodevishy Monastery, Sparrow Hills and great USSR skyscrapers called 7 sisters.
One more interesting excursion was in Cold War museum. It’s located under the ground and it’s one of 10 bunkers in the world!!!

I will back for more Russian trips in the future because I was there for a short time and saw not everything. I hope next time I will visit also Saint Petersburg with many interesting museums and squares.
Thanks for such a good and imnteresting tour to "Space Tourism Ltd."!!!