Video report of World Famous Channel CNN about our client's adventures

Fareed Lafta is famous adventurer in Middle East and our client, who had with us MiG flights and Cosmonauts’ training in Star City. He has already made the Guinness World Records by taking part in the first ever skydive above Mount Everest. This video report is made by CNN channel about his skydive above Bagdad with peace support mission. In this video you can see his MiG-29 Flight in Russia. His next adventure – Tour to Baikonur during Manned Space launch he will again have with us. His favorite historical person is first man in the space Yuri Gagarin and because of it his nickname in Middle East is "Arab Gagarin". And if next time he decides to fly to the Moon we can satisfy his wish and not only his but wishes of all, who likes adventures. You can read about his skydive over Baghdad here.