Meeting with a Clairvoyant - Healer (parapsychologist)

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If you plan to arrive in Russia with business or travel visit and look for some interesting tours, our company is ready to offer unique and non standard excursion in Moscow for the summer season 2013. You will be able to spend 2,5 hours in the company of Russian professional clairvoyant - extrasensory individual.

Our modern life makes us face a lot of difficult questions and problems that should be solved effectively. We cannot find the explanation to a lot of problems and consequently we do not know how to react on them and solve them.

Every person in our world tries to find the answers to the following questions:

  • How to be happy in love and to avoid problems in relations with close people?
  • How to become healthy and overcome illness that the doctors fail to cure?
  • What is the cause of stress and how to get rid of it?
  • How to achieve success in work or business and why we can't start our own business or build successful career?
  • What is the reason of our falls and what to do to make our life better?

Use this chance while travelling in Russia and visit this unique excursion!

During your meeting with Russian Clairvoyant you will have the chance to talk to her and find the solution to your questions!

Organization of excursion.

The whole excursion will take 2-2.5h. You will have the boat trip in the company of Clairvoyant or spend your time in a quiet park in the nature. The quantity of participants should not be more than 1-5 persons. For our foreign customers we will provide professional interpreter.

Our standard package tour per one person includes:

  • Explaining the terms of clairvoyance, energy, heeling, magic, etc;
  • Answers of Clairvoyant for the questions about your health, problems, difficulties n business and career, relations with close people, etc.;
  • Answers of Clairvoyant for the questions about your relatives, friends, partners, etc. (it is recommended to have pictures of them);
  • Recommendations of Clairvoyant. Piece of advice about your future: what you need to do, etc.;
  • Clairvoyant's checking the possibility to open “money flows” and opening financial channels if it is reasonable.
  • Clairvoyant's checking your energy, cleaning the meridians and recovery of energy flows. Plus diagnostics of your organism.
  • Partial correction of your own world perception and yourself.
  • Clairvoyant's incantation for luck (love, money – to your choice)

P.S. According to your wishes the program of the excursion can be changed and include other interesting for you options. In this case the tour will be counted individually.

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