Ostankino TV Tower


Want to put your head in the clouds? Do it now! Book a tour to Ostankino TV tower. This 504-meter tower was built in 1968. There is an observation desk at the 337 meter-height with a magnificent birds-eye view of Moscow. In fine weather you will be able to see as far away as 60 km from Moscow.

Our tour starts at the base of the tower from which a speedy elevator will take you up to the observation desk in 58 seconds! There are seven levels of the tower and we will be on the highest! With the help of binoculars and telescopes, you can see any building, in Moscow, that you want to see. If you want to give your self a thrill, you can walk on the glass floor and see way down to the ground! Wow! What a feeling! This glass is a specially produced material… a totally and absolutely safe glass for withstanding tremendous weights and was commissioned for the Ostankino TV tower observation deck.

After you have satisfied your curiosity, we will go to the restaurant “Seventh Heaven” for some lunch. The Moscow view from the restaurant, which revolves 3 times per hour, is unrivalled. N.V. Nikitin designed the tower and it was built by architects - Batalov L.I. and Burdin D.I. The Russian TV tower was the tallest in the world, until 1974, when the CN Tower, in Toronto, was built. There is a legend that it took N. Nikitin only one night to design the tower. The shape of the tower is like the lily flower. All the TV translation equipment, mobile TV station equipment, radio links, special services objects, radio-frequency voice communications and meteorological systems are placed on the tower. The transmitting hardware and aerials which are installed on the balconies on the upper part of the tower, provide the synchronous transmission and recorded TV programs from 20 sources.

The tour takes approximately 30 minutes (without lunch).

The tour program includes:

  • Guide-interpreter (English, Spanish, Italian or German);
  • Entering tickets.

N.B. - The lunch at the restaurant “Seventh Heaven” will be an extra charge.

N.B. - We can arrange transport, if needed.

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