"Mosfilm" – movie studio


It is unlikely that there is a person who has not seen Russian movie. Join us and we will show you the mind-blowing world of movie production.

We will acquaint you with one of the largest and advanced movie studios not only in Russia, but also in Europe. You will walk in the grounds of the legendary movie studio "Mosfilm", become acquainted with its past and will see its present. “Mosfilm” has all the necessary technologies for a complete cycle of movie production from the original idea to finished movie.

The history of Mosfilm started in November in 1923, when work on the first feature film – “ On the Wings Skyward” (directed by Boris Mikhin) was completed . Since that time, more than 3,000 movies have been made since the fall of the soviet era. Today, "Mosfilm" has everything for movie production… new technologies, professional creative specialists, rare collections. There are productions of movies and soap operas, as well as musical video-clips.

The doors of the movie studio museum will open for us. The museum exhibition constantly varies because many exhibits continue to be used in different movies and when one object goes on movie set - its place is occupied by another.

In halls of the “Mosfilm" Museum you will see parts of the various movie sceneries.

One of the most interesting is a collection of retro cars from the beginning of the 20th century and even in now, older or antique cars are being restored, put into working condition and, despite their age, look as they have just come off the assembly line. Mosfilm has a great collection of costumes which you can see. Some of the outfits are well-known because of the actors who once wore them. You will see an evening dress of Helen from “War and peace” sewed specially for Irina Skobtseva. The tsar’s gown, the globe and scepter, Monomakh's Cap, etc., all became famous after the historical movie “Ivan the Terrible.” It is possible to find anything in Mosfilm from a school uniform of 20th century, to fur coat of a Russian Tsar.

You will see different costumes, a make-up room, sketches of scenery, awards, etc.

No doubt that heart of any movie studio are the movie sets. It is extremely interesting to see the movie studios because it is only place where (without any time machine) you can go back to another era or without guilt, glance though a window of any flat constructed in studios.

The tour takes approximately 1,5 hour.

Price includes:

  • Guide-interpreter (English, Spanish, Italian or German);
  • Entering tickets;
  • Mosfilm guide;
  • Tour in the movie studio.

N.B. - We can arrange transport to Mosfilm, if needed.
N.B. - We can arrange tour in Mosfilm by retro car, price by request (maximum group is 3 people)

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