Metro History Museum


Moscow Metro (underground rail system) plays a very important part in lives of Moscovites and it is still their main transportation means. For those who wish to find the answers to questions such as why it was decided to build an underground system and how it was being constructed, how the Metro functioned during the war, which are the most illustrated and archetechturally significant stations and why the trains do not collide and much more we eagerly invite anyone interested to come and see the Metro History Museum.

The Underground Museum was opened in 1967, by underground workers who built the metro by hands. This would be the main reason to join this tour and hear, first-hand, about metro history and many other interesting things. You will see various valuable collections made by labor veterans who gave different documents, photos and models of various equipment to the museum. There are also gifts from people who presented their personal items.

While on tour there, you will have a chance to find answers to all your questions and see the latest collection. You will actually be able to see all the vital and original documents first-hand. Usually, working models of various technical systems are of greater interest to our guests.

All the items are protected by the government and belong to historical, cultural and architectural heritage. You will see and hear not only about historical items, but, also, of some mysterious and unsolved cases. You will hear some stories about a top-secret subway system, spoken of so much, by journalists and the public, which would allow Soviet leaders etc., have escape routes from the city center. To find out if this is so, or just a tale, you can join our tour in Moscow at the Metro History Museum.

Tour takes approximately 1,5 hours.

Tour program includes:

  • Entrance tickets;
  • Guide-interpreter (English, Spanish, French and German);
  • Museum guide;
  • Tour in the museum.

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