Champagne Bath


What is Russian glamour? We will try to answer to this question for you. Russian glamour is anything large – large, expensive cars, huge mansion-houses, luxury jewelry (several carats each) and if there is Champagne – not a bottle – but a bath! If there is caviar – not a plate – but a pail!

Do you want to plunge into Russian glamour in the true sense of this word? Then we offer you a chance of a bath of Champagne and a feast of caviar from a pail! We will come to you any time you wish and fill your bath with Champagne. We will lay the table with caviar and leave you to enjoy the bubble bath with caviar. If you want, we can take the great pictures of you in the Champagne bath and you can boast about it to everyone!

You will not only feel 100% like a Russian oligarch, but also will have an SPA treatment since natural carbonic gas stimulates the immune system nicely, causing the blood to flow to the heart and head because an extract of grape skin, contained in champagne, is a magnificent antioxidant.

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