Tour to Star City


Star City is situated in a very picturesque area of the Moscow region. It is Russia's international center of cosmonaut-training with unique facilities for preparing cosmonauts, astronauts and space travelers for orbital and suborbital flights.

We are confident that this tour will be interesting for all people of every age and occupation who have had the childhood dream of going up into Space. The specialists of Y. A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC) will share their knowledge and space experiences with you, with their help; you will discovery new facts about the history of the GCTC and the founding of Star City.

You will be able to see an accurate copy of the “MIR” Space Station and learn about what the cosmonauts’ way of life is like, up in orbit. You should be impressed by the Hydro-Space Laboratory –( UNDER REFURBISHED TILL END OF 2016) a gigantic pool (23 m. wide but 12 m deep) with models of an orbital station, its modules and the spaceship "Soyuz" inside! This HydroLab is used for training cosmonauts in outer space activities under conditions of weightlessness.

This is the only place in the world where you can see the massive Centrifuge TsF-18 (UNDER REFURBISHED TILL END OF 2016). This is used for G-load simulations for all flight stages.

As an optional extra, we can arrange a tour to the Planetarium in Star City. Here you can have an opportunity to find yourself under the stars during the daytime. This unique space planetarium is used to hone cosmonauts’ navigation skills. You could enjoy this magnificent view and learn how to recognize different stars in the Galaxy.

We also recommend visiting the Space Museum. When you visit the Space Museum you will see historical documents and materials on manned space-flights, spaceships, space outfits, space and scientific equipments and personal belongings of Yuri Gagarin and S.Korolev.

The museum is opened for visiting daily from 10:00 till 17:00. The days off: Saturday and Sunday.
Tour will take appr. 5 hours.

Tour Program includes:

- Hydro-Space Laboratory under refurbished till end of 2016

- Cantrifuge TsF-18 under refurbished till end of 2016
N.B. - The tours to Planetarium and the Space Museum will be extra charged.


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