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If you are interested in getting knowledge about Russian rocket and space industry, you definitely should visit the Museum of Rocket and Space Public Corporation Energia. It is the strategic enterprise of Russian Federation and the leading company engaged in manned space systems.

The Museum exposition is represented in three main halls - display hall, the hall of Labour Glory and S.P. Korolev's Memorial room – and covers more than 1500 m2.

The first hall represents the history of developing the Russian rocket and space industries. You will see long-range ballistic missiles, the Energia launch vehicle, the Sea Launch Rocket and Space Complex, from the first artificial earth satellites to all modifications of manned and transport space vehicles. You may see and touch the descent module which was used by Y. Gagarin - world's first cosmonaut on his way home, Voskhod-2 multi-man spacecraft, from which A. Leonov performed his first space walk; full-scale mockup of the Salyut orbital station, full-scale mockup of the Soyuz-Apollo first international orbital complex and many other things.

The hall of Labor Glory shows the history of developing Rocket and Space Public Corporation Energia and tells about people who contributed a lot to its growth and development. You will see the unique photographs, awards, documents, souvenirs and so on.

The S.P. Korolev's Memorial room reconstructs the interior of his work place. Here you can find his personal belongings, such as documents and photographs which today have significant historical value.

The Museum of Rocket and Space Public Corporation Energia is situated not far from Mission Control Center and we can arrange the visit of both of these places at the same day.

The museum is opened for visiting daily from 10:00 till 17:00. The days off: Saturday and Sunday.

Tour takes approximately 5 hours.

Museum of Rocket and Space Public Corporation Energia Tour program includes:

  • Permission to visit Museum;
  • Guide-interpreter (English, Spanish, French and German);
  • Museum guide;
  • Tour in the museum;
  • Transportation to the museum (15 km from Moscow).

Price per person in EURO

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