Cosmonaut Landing in the Woods Survival

Landing in the Woods Survival
Landing Survival
Cosmonaut Survival training

Are you an extreme adventures fan? Have you already been on a wild animal safari or swum in the ocean with sharks, taken part in a crazy white-water raft ride and or deep-sea fishing? Do you think that you might have experienced everything? Well, we offer you one more challenge – to try the Landing Wood Survival austronauts’ training program.

If you think that there is nothing easier, then for starters, we suggest you leave the Soyuz spacecraft descent module capsule. Don’t forget to take off your special space suit, usually it takes 3-4 hours and professional cosmonauts lose 3-4 kg of their weight. When you are out you will realize that you are in the middle of the forest with only the descent capsule equipment. The professional space trainers from GCTC will teach you how to establish contact with the rescue team using the emergency radio station (in actual situations, it could take up to 48 hours to find the landing site). The second step is to build a warm fire and create a safe camp using the equipment from the Soyuz capsule. Also you have to know how to find food in the forest in case the emergency food reserve runs out.

During this tour you will learn the real skills of emergency survival. Our basic tour is one day long. If you prefer to extend the extreme program we can offer 48 hours tour with complex imitation of after landing conditions. Training 48 hours in very hard and extreme conditions you will be able to lose 3-8 kg of your weight!

This tour is a good way to spend a day with your friends as a part of for example your birthday party or if you want to organize a "Team Building Day" for your company, too. Please call us and we will arrange this incredible space adventure for you.

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