Space Adventures in Russia.

Our company travel agency "Space Tourism" provides incredible space adventures on base of world famous Y. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. We offer wide range of space adventures from two-hour Star City Tour to two-week real cosmonauts' space training. We also organize the tours to Cosmodrome Baikonur during the Space launches. We are ready to organize the space tour according your wishes, interests and requests.

Our company is the tour operator of aviation and space tourism. We provide the space adventures for everybody who has a dream to become a space tourist. You can start your space journey from having the space training in Y. Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center. This Cosmonauts Training Center has unique facilities for cosmonauts' training, such as space simulators and stands, Hydrolab, Centrifuges, Flying laboratories and many others. The most important resource of GCTC is people, who have great work experience as space trainers. This training will help you to better understand the abilities of your body and tried the same feelings as cosmonauts have during the space journey. The professional space trainers will support you during all your space adventures. We offer you incredible space adventure in unique Hydro Laboratory where you can try yourself in outer space. You may try the rotation on the biggest Centrifuge TsF-18 in the world with 8 G overload. This overload is common for cosmonauts during their space adventures. All space tourists had this training before their space journey. In spite of the space tourism becomes very popular; it is still very expensive to fly to International Space Station. Our company can organize the incredible space adventure which costs less and you will have a lot of unforgettable memories. If you are not ready to have cosmonauts training we will be glad to arrange the Star City Tour. You will visit GCTC and see all training facilities and know many interesting facts about being a cosmonaut. All Star City guides are professional in space field.

Also we provide the tour to Cosmodrome Baikonur during the Launches of Manned Space Flights or Cargo Flights. You will be only 2 km away of launch pad and see the amazing beauty of space launch. You will learn a lot about history of space exploration, visit famous places, such as Gagarin's launch pad, Y. Gagarin's and S. Korolev's Memorial Houses. The exposition of Museum of Baikonur will tell you a lot interesting facts about human flights to the space, about hard work of cosmonauts, about modern technologies and trends in space industry. The high professional stuff will escort you around the clock and answer all questions you have. We guarantee that tour to Cosmodrome Baikonur will be one of the best space adventures!

We are as professional in providing space tours can guarantee the high standard quality of our service. We make individual space adventures according your wishes, interests and requests. We are sure that your first step to your dream to become a space tourist should start from call to us! We will take care of everything.