Russian Federation: main information

The national currency of Russian Federation is Russian ruble. You can exchange your currency to the Russian ruble in exchange spots of the Savings Bank of Russian Federation or in the other Comercial banks. You can change your currency not only in Moscow, but in the other cities and towns too.

If you have international credit cards, you can pay with them in the big shops and supermarkets and also you can take a currency in all bankomats, which service your card. There are a lot of International Banks in Russia.

Today there are eleven time zones in Russian Federation:

  • In Moscow, Murmansk, Petrozavodsk, Saint Petersburg, Volgograd + 3 GMT (it’s called Moscow time);
  • In Chita, Yakutsk +9 GMT;
  • In Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude +8 GMT;
  • In Magadan +11 GMT;
  • Togliatti, Samara + 4 GMT;
  • Anadyr + 12 GMT;
  • Barnaul, Omsk +6 GMT;
  • Kaliningrad +2 GMT;
  • Kemerovo + 7 GMT;
  • Nakhodka +10 GMT;
  • Tobolsk +5 GMT.

If you have some problems with your health in Russian Federation, you can phone 03 without any payment from mobile phone.

If you need to call police, please, phone 02 without any payment from mobile phone.

If you need to call to the rescue service, please, phone 01.