Russian Drinks

There are a lot of different drinks in Russian Federation.

A lot of drinks with no alcohol are international – coca-cola, fanta, sprite. But there are some national Russian drinks – kvass – the drinks, which is made from the black bread. It’s very healthy and tasty. If you visit Russian Federation, don’t lose an opportunity to taste this drink.

Also you can drink a lot of juices – cranberry, cherry, peach, bilberry, apple and a lot of other kinds. In Russian Federation tea and coffee are also very popular.

If you prefer alcohol drinks, there are a lot of interesting variants in Russian Federation. The main national alcohol drink is vodka. There is a drink, in which about forty percent of the alcohol. It was opened by great Russian chemist – Dmitry Mendeleev. Also you can taste Russian hand-made vodka, which is called samogon. You can taste the Ukrainian variant of vodka, which is called gorilka.

If you don’t want to drink so strong alcohol drink, you can taste Russian beer, which is named as pivo. There are a lot of plants, in which this product is produced.