Public transport

There are several kinds of public transportation in Russian Federation – buses, trolleybuses, trams, underground (Metro, as Russian people called it) and trains.

The most popular transports of Russian people are buses, trolleybuses and trams. There are a lot of this kind of public transport in the cities and towns. The price of the ticket is about ten – twenty five rubles. Today there are many marshrutkas – mini-buses, which are very fast and comfortable.

An underground or metro

This kind of public transport you can meet in the big cities – Moscow, Saint Petersburg. To have a trip you should also buy a ticket.

Please, note, that all signs in the underground are in Russian. That’s why before you’ll travel by this kind of the public transport, please, learn how to go to your station.


Trains are also very popular in Russian Federation when you need to go to the other city. You must also buy a ticket to go by train. The cost of the ticket you’ll know in the cash office of the station.