Saint Isaac's Cathedral tour

Saint Isaac's Cathedral
Saint Isaac's Cathedral tour
inside Saint Isaac's Cathedral


Confidence speaking Saint Isaac's Cathedral is the largest Russian Orthodox cathedral in Saint Petersburg. It is really the unique monument in Russia where you can enjoy real collection of monumental religious painting and frescoes of 19-th century. Also in the Cathedral you can find 816 sq.m plafond of the main dome painted by the great Russian artist Carl Brullov. The cathedral took almost 40 years to construct, but the result of it became really amazing. The Russian treasury spent incredible sum of money to build the Cathedral - more than 23,000,000 silver rubles. The dimension of the St.Isaac's Cathedral are really impress - 101,5 meters height, and 97,5 width and 111,2 length.

The revival of mosaic art proceeded directly in the construction of the Saint Isaac's Cathedral. In the whole world the cathedral became popular for the largest stained-glass windows and especially for the open colonnade giving visitors a brilliant view of the historical center of Saint Petersburg. In 1931 the Antireligious Museum was opened in the building, and  only after six years it changed its direction of work. It became the museum of history and art. Nowadays Saint Isaac's Cathedral is opened for tourists from all countries.
We invite you on a tour to Saint Isaac's Cathedral

The price includes:

  • Admission tickets;
  • Professional Guide (German, English, Spanish or French);
  • Excursion in Saint Isaac's Cathedral (subject, according to her request)
  • Ascension on a observation platform of a cathedral and the observing St. Petersburg views

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