Impressions of tourists who visited Baikonur in December 2018

impressions of tourists about the tour to Baikonur
impressions of tourists to Baikonur
tourists on Baikonur in winter 2018

Thank you so much for such amazing experience!!I cannot tell in words how happy I am! Manned launches of spaceships is so thrilling! The atmosphere is absolutely magical, all the people are friendly and share with each other everything they know about space! I hope I will be back here one day!


WOOOOWWW!!! This is just one of the words that tear me apart after my journey to the Baikonur!! Thank you so much for making our stay there so comfortable and positive!! Baikonur – you are forever in my heart and memory! Thank and bow low with the deepest respect to the Russian and Kazakh land. Lyuba – you are the best manager of adventures! Thank you so much for your assistance and patience! All the best wishes to the team of Country of Space Tourism!


What a totally amazing trip! The experience of visiting Roscosmos was incredible – but the launch was beyond words! I’ll be back! Very many congrats to the Roscosmos and all the international partners!