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Moscow is one of the most famous nightlife cities in Europe. The Moscow night life is the reflection of the Russian mentality and society. Some clubs are for the rich people. There are a lot of top models, looking for the rich man and men who want to show their money. This shows how rich and successful you are. Other clubs are for the so-called "golden youth" - boys and girls of rich parents. Also there are clubs for foreigners who live in Moscow. Some clubs are among elite, here you can not just go in like the other clubs which are more democratic, for the middle class. Everyone can find the right club in Moscow. As for the idea of Moscow clubs with "gangsters and hookers" is concerned, it's more the past. 

If you want to visit club alone, there are several problems for you. Where there are any clubs? Which clubs are better (that which is offered in the hotels are not the best in Moscow)? How to get there? How much money you must have? Do not be purely left right? What to wear to the club? 

And even if you know where you want to go, there will be other problems. Your clothes will not suit, you pay double price of a taxi, you will not let in to the club and end up staying in the street or go in for a higher price (this is the entrance to the most good clubs free). 

You will solve all of these problems if you order a club guide. He can run free inside the clubs, he will advise what dress is better. He will keep you up all the time to translate and take care of you. You’ll see the best clubs, learn their history and will study the atmosphere of the clubs with our guide. And what is the most interesting - customers who book with us a Moscow night life tour, spend less money than those who attend independent clubs. And of course the visiting of club with our guide is not only much safer and you will get more fun.

Approximate plan of Moscow nightlife tour: 

  • Our guide will meet you at the hotel approximately at 23.00 
  • Discuss with your guide what exactly do you want to see and which clubs are better for you.
  • You sit in the car or in the limousine that you have booked with us (in the sedan is also some alcohol for the evening). 
  • By car and with the support of our guide will drive through the famous clubs of Moscow (visit up to 5 clubs). Admission is free for you will  be at most clubs. 
  • You come back to the hotel during the night

The tour usually takes 4-6 hours. 


  • If you want to visit good night clubs, you must normally be well dressed (in the classical style). 
  • This is to organize a club tour well, the tour be booked at least 2 days ago. It will be be better to book the tour as soon as possible. 

To book the tour please contact us


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