On the 30th and 31st of August, 2018, we successfully organised two flights in the Zero-Gravity conditions on the special IL-76 MDK airplane.

Serbian Actress Sloboda Micalovic
Flight in Zero gravity
Experinece ZeroG
ZeroG tour

This was our way to say farewell to the summer time in a special "cosmic" way.

In this season preparations for the flights kicked off at the beginning of June. One of the members of the zero-gravity team happened to be the winner of the special promotion organised by Lukoil Serbia. For the first time in Serbia our partners organised a "Zero-gravity" campaign, the main prize of which was the participation in in the zero-gravity conditions flight in Russia. Famous Serbian actress, Sloboda Micalovic, specially came to Moscow in order to support the winner. Among the heroes of our flights were also “Superman”, “Catwoman” and, as well as, other adorers of space exploration.

According to the tradition the event continued for two days. During the first day our team visited “Test Cosmonaut Training Centеr” for a special tour around the technical facilities, where real-life cosmonauts are being trained. We paid a visit to the halls full with training simulators, as well as we got a chance to see active modules which are going to be sent to the International Space Station to become part of it in a mean time. This day also included a special instruction about the Zero-gravity flight itself and a medical check, after which every member of the group was officially allowed to attend the flight.

And so the long awaited day began! On the 31st of August we set off for the Chkalovsky airport, where the spectacular IL-76 MDK airplane was awaiting us. Precisely speaking it is a flying-laboratory, specialised for creating zero-gravity condition. As it is a wide-body aircraft, one is able to fly freely around it’s hull. Briefing for the safety measures was held. For all the participants there was organised a photo shoot session in front of the legendary airplane and during the flight itself. You can check out photos of this fight on our web site in the section Photo gallery.

All heroes of the flight could feel like real-life cosmonauts as they got a chance to experience real weightlessness, by going through “10 regimes of zero-gravity”.

We congratulate every participant of this special flight: having overcome the force of gravity, you can overcome anything in your life!

We warmly welcome the next team of heroes-cosmonauts for our autumn-time flight in the zero-gravity conditions which is to take place in the November of 2018. Dates of the flight are to be published on the profiled web site: www.zerogflight.org